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In the year 2020, SCAUG held its 30th Anniversary Conference, where Tug, our little Texas Arc-adillo mascot, turned 30.

On the eve of his birthday, he decided that it was high time that he got out to see the rest of the world. Although he loves his Texas home, he knows there are many beautiful places out there that he has yet explore, and many wonderful people to meet.

So he grabbed his hat, his compass, his passport, and his journal, and hit the dusty trail. 

With your help, he can see the whole world.

If you've received this Arc-adillo, you're one lucky buckaroo!

When you receive this little friend, please:

1. Send a picture of him and all his gear spread out on a table to so his Keeper knows he's okay.

2. Then, take him on adventures!

3. Submit stories and pictures via Survey123

Then, pass him along to a friend so he can continue his journey. 

Don’t forget to take a selfie with him, especially as you pass him to his new adventure buddy.

He doesn't bite!

Recently, Tug made an appearance in SCAUG's video for Bulgaria's GIS Day!

Download SCAUG's Video for Bulgaria's GIS Day here!

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Tug Q's

Is Tug waterproof?

No, unlike real armadillos, he does not like to swim. Soaking him may cause irreparable damage. However, a little rain shouldn’t hurt him. There is a raincoat in his backpack if he needs to go out in the rain.

Can Tug be passed to anyone, or only SCAUG members?

Tug can be passed to anyone at all! We want everyone and their dog to know about SCAUG (on second thought--keep him away from dogs). The only requirement is that you have contact information for the person you passed it to, and preferably know them well enough to trust them with Tug.

Can Tug fly on airplanes? 

Yes! Tug has no metal pieces, and although he may get you strange looks, he will pass safely through TSA.

Tug got lost or damaged under my care—what do I do?

Please email explaining what happened and including pictures of the aftermath. You may be responsible for the replacement cost of Tug, which is $100.

Can I mail Tug?

Yes! You can mail Tug, but it will most likely be at your expense or the expense of the recipient. Be sure to get package insurance, as his replacement fee is $100. If you would like to mail him somewhere REALLY COOL at the expense of the SCAUG board, please send an email to and Tug’s Keeper will consult with the rest of the Board about your request.

Is Tug fireproof?

Just like a real armadillo, Tug is not fireproof. Please let him sit a safe distance away from bonfires.

Where was Tug born?

Tug was born and raised in Texas. Few people know this, but the mysterious lights over Marfa, Texas, are actually Tug flinging fireflies at the sky.

What is Tug’s favorite food?

Tug has a cultured palette, and only eats the finest bugs and BBQ.

Can I wash Tug if he gets dirty?

Please email with pictures of the dirt, and wait for their expert advice for washing Tug. If he is damaged beyond washing, you may be responsible for paying Tug’s replacement cost, which is $100.

Tug has an internal wire, so he CANNOT be washed in a washing machine.


The person I gave Tug to hasn’t posted any activity—what do I do?

Remind them to take their new buddy on adventures and post them using Survey123! Within one month of a new Tug activity being posted in the Survey123, Tug’s Keeper will begin checking up on him, emailing and calling the last person who submitted activity for him, just to make sure he’s okay. If no activity is submitted for him for three months, the last person who posted will be responsible for paying the replacement fee for Tug, which is $100. So, even if you passed him on to someone else and THEY lost him, the person paying the $100 could be YOU if they never submitted their contact information via the Survey123 form. Which is why it’s important to only pass him to people you trust (to either take care of Tug, or pay you back for replacing Tug).

How long can I keep Tug?

Technically as long as you like, although his Keeper will check in on him if there has been no activity in 30 days, and you may be asked to provide proof he is still alive and well.

I'm going somewhere cool and want to take Tug! How do I get him?

Email Tug's Keeper at to coordinate with Tug's current adventure buddy.

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