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SCAUG User Presentations

Innovations in Accessing 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) Data
Claire DeVaughan - USGS

To respond to growing needs for high-quality elevation data, the goal of 3DEP is to complete acquisition of nationwide lidar (IfSAR in AK) by 2023 to provide the first-ever national baseline of consistent high-resolution elevation data – both bare earth and 3D point clouds – collected in a timeframe of less than a decade.  This presentation will provide an update on 3DEP status within the SCAUG region, and a demonstration of various applications that provide newly improved ways to access the data.  Applications include LidarExplorer to find and explore Lidar Point Clouds (LPC) and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), and the new Dynamic Elevation Web Coverage Service (WCS) that allows access to the underlying data for analysis and visualization in GIS software.

Telling the Story of Lost Doctor Who episodes
Lance Yarema    City of Tyler

This presentation is over storymaps using the British sci-fi series Doctor Who.  It will contain two sections.  1) A brief history of how Doctor Who episodes were lost and 2) creating a storymap that tells the story of Doctor Who recoveries.

Coaching the Next Generation: How the Shawnee Geo Team is a Model for a GIS Skills Pipeline

Cheyenne Branscum    Shawnee Geo Team

The first of its kind in Oklahoma, the Shawnee Geo Team is a GIS competition research team. Students on the team gain real-world GIS skills through independent research projects. They have presented at conferences and competed in fairs in multiple states. They also share their research with classmates and their community. This model can be replicated in other communities to help build interest in GIS and ensure a fully equipped next generation of professionals.

Fostering GIS in Local Government: Non-GISers Using GIS
Betsi Chatham    City of Grapevine

The City of Grapevine began its GIS journey over 20 years ago, and within a few years most, if not all departments gave complete buy-in.  As with any small government GIS shop, an obvious pain point developed; too much work for limited staff resources.  Furthermore, to provide value-driven GIS services efficiently for all customers with no chance of increasing staff time or positions was not only frustrating, it seemed impossible.  The concept of empowering customers with GIS technology became a new business goal.  The foundation of this goal was achieved by fostering the use of GIS by non-GISers through web-based services such as Map Viewer, Collector for ArcGIS, Survey123 for ArcGIS, and ArcGIS Community Analyst.  The examples showcased in this presentation may not necessarily fit into your organization, however it is guaranteed the technology utilized can be leveraged by your customers.

The Path from GIS Manager to GIS Leader
Adam Carnow    ESRI

In order to get executive sponsorship for GIS, we have got to shift the conversation from technology to capability, and that capability is Location Intelligence (LI). This presentation will review the 5 pillars of LI as well as provide real examples of GIS practitioners that are using these to move up in their organizations and increase the value of their GIS program..

ArcGIS Enterprise Implementation Considerations
John May    Purple Land Management

Enterprise web applications, built on complex relational data models, and designed to manage structured business requirements and operational work flows, excel at what they are designed to do however they often miss being able to place their information in a spatial context. This shortcoming can be easily addressed by integrating URL parameters, enabling map data to be displayed within your existing web application. In addition to map integration with your existing web application url parameters can used to enhance your web maps by allowinig them to retrieve information from your existing enterprise web application.

Challenges with Using Enterprise Data in Collector and Dashboard Applications

Robert Winkler    DeSoto County Government

Transforming Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Widget Development
Scott Stafford-Veale    Latitude Geographics

Paper to Digital Transformation: How Mapping Supports Rural Water Utility Systems

Jay Hoffman    ESRI

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