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ESRI Technical Sessions

Working with CAD data in ArcGIS -

Pamela Kersh, Esri - San Antonio

This session will focus on best practices for working with CAD data in ArcGIS. Topics will include georeferencing CAD feature classes in ArcMap, using geoprocessing tools to import CAD datasets to the Geodatabase, and exporting Geodatabase feature classes to CAD drawings. This session will also cover ESRI’s Mapping Specification for CAD and the ArcGIS for AutoCAD plug-in application.

Designing and Implementing Geoprocessing Script Tools -

Brig Bowles, Esri – San Antonio

This session covers the basics of designing and creating your own geoprocessing script tool, including defining parameters, using the Add Script tool wizard, using messages and progress bars, and testing and debugging your script. Particular attention will be paid to defining parameters interaction as well as describing the output of the script for chaining in ModelBuilder using the ToolValidator Python class.

Labeling, Annotation, Editing, and Text Placement with ArcGIS -

Eric Bowman, Esri – San Antonio

Text is an important part of any map. This session will provide an overview of the text placement capabilities in ArcMap including label placement options, conflict detection, conversion from labels to annotation, and editing geodatabase annotation.

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