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Python for ArcGIS (Matthew Collier) - $50

Python for ArcGIS workshop is Full.  We are no longer accepting registrations for this workshop.

Python is a simple language that is not only accessible to the beginning programmer, it is extensible and robust enough for seasoned professionals who regularly use it in research, data crunching, and systems administration.  Combine this flexibility with an ever greater integration between ArcGIS and Python and the case is made for GIS professionals to sign up for this opportunity today!

This workshop is designed to accelerate novice programmers up Python's learning curve through a mixture of lecture, discussion, and hands-on coding.  At the end of the workshop, we will arrive at basic interaction with ArcGIS 9.3, and leave with concrete tools that can immediately be put to use along with knowledge of resources to find further understanding and insight into the world of Python and ArcGIS.

Workshop will be held Monday, September 20,  8:00 am - 5:00 pm

GISP Credits
Attend 1 day training : 8 hours - EDU - 0.2 credits

Using Census Data in a GIS (Craig Best, US Census Bureau) - $25

Enumeration for the 2010 Census is now complete and the Census Bureau is releasing Census geographic files and demographic data collected during the Census.  This workshop will teach the participant who to acquire these files and map the 2010 Census data in your GIS using Microsoft Access and ArcGIS.

Workshop will be held Monday, October 24,  8:00 am - 12:00 pm

GISP Credits
Attend 1/2 day training : 4 hours - EDU - 0.1 credits


1 Seat  Available

ArcGIS 10 introduces improved access to imagery for all desktop users.  This technical session will cover in depth discussion and demonstration of enhanced imagery capabilities such as:

  • Better tools for managing imagery on the desktop and server
  • Faster performance with accelerated image display
  • The new Image Analysis Window in ArcMap
  • Dynamic mosaicking and on-the-fly processing
  • Serving dynamic image mosaics

Workshop will be held Monday, September 20,  1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

GISP Credits
Attend 1/2 day training : 4 hours - EDU - 0.1 credits

The GISCI Certification Program Application Support (Sheila Wilson) - $25

7 Seats Available

Objective 1: Information about the GISCI application process

Objective 2: Background on GISCI as an organization

Objective 3: Future direction of certification and professional development

This workshop details the GISCI Certification Program for GIS professionals. Started on January 1, 2004, GISCI provides a recognition program for established GIS practitioners. It offers a non-examination, portfolio-based system. The process examines applicants' education, professional experience, and ways they have contributed back to the profession. Since its inception, GISCI has certified almost 5,000 GIS professionals (GISPs). As the Institute grows, new initiatives are being developed to advance GIS awareness and ethical practice throughout the field.

Strategies for filling out the application as well as detailed information about the history of the effort and the Institute will be provided. Information about certification in relation to licensure and state endorsements of the program will be offered as well. The workshop will outline the review cycle of how applications are received, processed, and deliberated on. Recertification requirements will be detailed along with convenient and inexpensive methods applicants can earn continuing education credit. Attendees will have the ability to ask questions about documentation requirements, portfolio essentials, and dialog with current GISPs.

Workshop will be held Monday, September 20,  1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

GISP Credits
Attend 1/2 day training : 4 hours - EDU - 0.1 credits

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