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Thursday, April 1 2010


Public Works Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting

Chuck Cmeyla, John Hunt and Pamela Kersh


Learn from our Public Works team and from your peers about what’s happening in public works. ESRI’s public works industry manager will review upcoming 2010 events and programs, and will lead a discussion and Q&A session on how GIS is being used within the work place. There will also be a demonstration of our new Public Works Resource Center. See first-hand what is available on the Resource Center, from application templates, free data and data models, to a site where you can post and share your custom applications or post questions to our technical support team.


Commercial Special Interest Group (SIG): Solve Problems and Improve Operations

Linda Peters, Dennis Kaplan and Betsy Leal 


This group is committed to fostering a community of commercial GIS users to identify trends and best practices, get return on investment examples, gain insight into ESRI product development and listening and responding to user feedback.  You will network and collaborate with your peers, hear from ESRI staff and see user presentations that will help you address issues and overcome challenges in your own organization.  Anticipated topics include market optimization, best practices for building models, territory balancing and transportation management. 


Emergency Management and Situational Awareness

Craig Morgan


Situational Awareness is an essential capability for most organizations today.  The ability to obtain near real-time access to internal data, such as facilities and assets, current activities and operations, along with weather, traffic, cameras, alerts and potential effect areas.  Integration of these various inputs into a common operational picture provides an organization with the ability to be more proactive in decision making and in tracking the results of those decision.  The purpose of this session is to review best practices in Situational Awareness and the practical steps an organization can take to enable this capability.

GIS Implementation Planning - Providing a Roadmap for an Organizations’ GIS

Shomali Sengupta

A well written strategic GIS implementation plan provides an organization with a roadmap that fosters the development of a successful GIS implementation.  The absence of such planning often leads to a system that doesn’t meet the stakeholders’ expectations.  A Geographic Information System can encompass many potential applications, so it is important to establish an organization’s specific requirements and objectives from the beginning.  As a result, knowing the stakeholders’ requirements for the GIS implementation is critical in its ultimate success.  A system developed without such a plan can lead to chaos that results from trying to build a GIS with no priorities or end in mind.  Conversely, a well defined Plan will assist GIS managers in procuring resources for future projects.  Attendees in this session will become familiar with the benefits of developing and adopting a strategic GIS implementation plan.


Working with Imagery: Now and the Road Ahead

Brig Bowles 


Attendees will learn workflows and best practices for working with imagery in ArcMap and ArcGIS Server 9.3.1.  This session also highlights the new paradigm in ArcGIS 10 and how imagery management and analysis tools become part of the core technology.


Publishing your GIS Content Online

Karen Lizcano


This session will discuss how to best publish and distribute maps and data over your intranet or internet using ArcGIS.  Those who are still utilizing ArcIMS applications are especially encouraged to attend. 


ArcGIS 10 Overview

Brig Bowles


Experience how ArcGIS 10 will simplify many of the GIS workflows and tasks you perform every day, such as editing and map book creation. 


What Tools in ArcGIS Desktop Can Help You Do Your Job?

Pam Kersh


Attendees will learn tips and tricks for ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1 to help them perform GIS tasks and workflows more efficiently and effectively.   This session will also focus on beginner-level Python and geoprocessing skills to automate common tasks.

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