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23rd Annual South Central Arc User Group Conference

Map Gallery- Thursday, April 11

Congratulations to our Map Gallery Competition Winners

1st Place:  Sherrie Hubble,  Freese & Nichols, Inc.

2nd Place:  Yagnesh Jarmarwala, CDM Smith

3rd Place:  Brenda Fennel,  Choctaw Nation


Title:  Digital Elevation Model 2011 – North Central Texas

Author:  Bret Fenster, Collin County


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The Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) recently coordinated the acquisition of high resolution LiDAR data for the

Upper Trinity Basinin North Central Texas. This map portrays the Digital Elevation Model mosaic derived from the LiDAR/DEM tiles


Title:  Collin CountyAnnexation – The Last Ten Years                         

Author:  Bret Fenster, Collin County


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Explosive municipal and residential growth has occurred in

Collin Countyover the
last ten years and the Administrative Director for the county recently requested a map
that would represent these changes over time and help reshape the county Fire Districts.
The Fire Districts have not changed a great deal since they were mapped in the early 1990s.
They provide boundaries for the rural volunteer and municipal Fire Departments and represent reimbursement zones for emergency calls in unincorporated
Collin County. This map will serve as coordination and planning document as we redefine these emergency response areas.


Title:  Visualizing Ownership and Maintenance Responsibilities through GIS     


Author:  Jenni Moore, Bartlett & West


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Ownership and maintenance responsibilities of assets change frequently and are often not documented outside of the legal contract in layman’s terms. A Visual Ownership and Maintenance (VOM) program can be developed to specifically maintain this data. A key component to this program is the use of GIS to represent both historical and current contracts. Spatial analysis can be conducted on this geographic data for reporting purposes. The VOM program can also provide a means to demonstrate future options prior to new agreements being made between participating parties. This presentation will focus on how the VOM program can be used within the railroad industry for documenting the track ownership and maintenance responsibilities of the parent railroad and the industrial companies receiving rail service.


Title:  Improving Safety and Security for San Antonio Public Housing Communities

Author:  Sara Eaves, San Antonio Housing Authority


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The primary focus of SAHA’s community safety and security program is to promote the safety of our residents and create partnerships with area law enforcement agencies. Through a partnership with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, SAHA began receiving weekly arrest reports related to SAHA addresses. The goal is to enhance our efforts to promote a safe environment for our residents through the enforcement of lease and community rules. Using a GIS, SAHA maps and tracks arrests across the city’s public housing communities. Weekly reports are provided to property management for timely follow-up, while quarterly reports highlight summary information including geographic concentrations of arrest activity and arrest incident outcomes.


1st Place Winner


Title:  City of Fort Worth Water and Wastewater Redevelopment Capacity Analysis and CIP

Author:  Sherrie Hubble, Freese & Nichols, Inc.


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The City of Fort Worth, Texas has targeted specific areas for redevelopment because these they are expected to experience large-scale growth through the year 2050 due to various factors, such as access to transportation, proximity to higher education institutions, and development of mixed use urban villages. Freese and Nichols, Inc., an engineering firm, was retained to perform a capacity analysis of the water and wastewater systems for 24 designated redevelopment areas, ranging in size from 250 acres to 1,600 acres. The capacity analysis involved determining future demand on these systems based on future land use and population and employment projections. As part of the analysis, Freese and Nichols developed a series of maps for each redevelopment area that illustrates the steps involved in developing capital improvement recommendations for the City. The poster highlights this process with a sample set of maps from one of the redevelopment areas.


2nd Place Winner


Title:  Crash Analysis using GIS          


Author:  Nicole Bradstreet, Yagnesh Jarmarwala, Ram Maddali, CDM Smith


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CDM Smith is assisting a public agency in developing a Corridor Implementation Plan for the

Austinregion.   Crash data analyses were conducted using GIS for a 27.5 mile corridor of IH 35 between SH 45 N and SH 45 SE, based on publicly available data.

Crash data for eight segments of the corridor, covering four years, were plotted geographically based on coordinates from the crash database.  Traffic volumes, highest severity (fatal) crashes and pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities were mapped.  The analysis included breakdown between main lanes, frontage roads and ramps.

High frequency crash locations were identified and twenty and greater crashes at one location were mapped.  Crash severities were summarized and displayed as either large circles or smaller dots.  Clusters were drawn around fatal crash locations and summarized. The results of this analysis will assist in developing design improvement concepts to enhance mobility and safety along this heavily travelled corridor.


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