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2012 OKSCAUG ESRI Technical Sessions

Join us during the afternoon sessions of the OKSCAUG Conference to take advantage of the following ESRI Technical Sessions.

How to make GIS more visible using ArcGIS Online in your organization

ArcGIS Online is a place to web-enable your maps and related geographic information and to share them with your users. It is a content management system for geographic information enabling you to share your content and to power many types of GIS-based applications and end-user websites.  During this session we will look at the different user roles and custom site setup, as well as how we can embed different maps and apps into your websites.  We will also look at feature services and leveraging ArcGIS Online for data editing and geocollaboration.


Migrating to the Local Government Information Model

One of the major initiatives from Esri for more effective government is the Local Government Information Model.  In this session you will learn about how you can use the Local Government Information Model to build your own local government geodatabase. We will talk about why this model is so comprehensive and important, as well as some of the migration techniques, and the templates that are available to use with the data model.  There are options for implementing this model that we will cover, as well as business partners who specialize in helping their customers migrate their data.


ArcGIS as a System for Emergency/Disaster Management

GIS is an essential technology for all phases of emergency management. GIS aids local, state, and federal agencies with technology that supports collaboration between multiple agencies. In this session we will find out how GIS provides a foundation for comprehensive emergency management using ArcGIS.  ArcGIS provides a system for emergency/disaster management that supports all facets of the mission including preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery.  Esri provides templates to accomplish all of these missions and this session will cover many of the templates and how to implement them in your organization.


What is GIS? - An introduction

A geographic information system (GIS) helps you answer questions and solve problems by looking at your geographic data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared. During this session we will look at basic navigation in ArcGIS and how we can use our data to solve and answer questions about our data.


What’s New in 10.1

The release of ArcGIS 10.1 signals a major development in the way geographic information will be accessed and managed by GIS professionals and their organizations in the years to come. We will look at how this new release gives GIS professionals a complete GIS that further integrates desktops and servers, as well as mobile and web applications.




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