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2011 OKSCAUG ESRI Technical Sessions

Join us during the afternoon sessions of the OKSCAUG Conference to take advantage of the following ESRI Technical Sessions.


ArcMap Tips & Tricks by Eric Bowman.  ArcMap is the main component of Esri’s ArcGIS suite of geospatial processing programs and is used primarily to view, edit, create, and analyze geospatial data and create maps.  This presentation and demonstration will offer tips and tricks for working with ArcMap that will simplify your experience of performing your daily tasks.


ArcGIS for Local Government by Pam Kersh.  This session will provide an introduction to the Local Government Resource Center and a set of downloadable maps and apps for local government users.  GIS professionals and local government staff will learn about the content provided on the Resource Center and how to use the maps and apps to meet specific business needs in their own organizations.  The session will be of interest to local government GIS professionals responsible for providing maps and apps to departments and customers of those users.  It will emphasize implementation best practices and describe how you can participate in this user community.


Working with ArcGIS Online by Brig Bowles.   ArcGIS Online provides access to a set of online resources to enrich and extend the ArcGIS user experience.  This includes a rich set of online maps and related services that may be accessed for free through ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Explorer or ArcGIS Server applications.  This session will provide details on the variety of ArcGIS Online content and capabilities that are available today and demonstrate how ArcGIS users can use them.  The session will also describe how the ArcGIS Online system was built to provide high-performance and scalable maps and services using ArcGIS Server.


Best Practices for Designing Effective Map Services by Pam Kersh.  In this session, you’ll learn how to optimize the design and performance of a map for online use.  The presenters will show how to analyze an ArcMap document for performance bottlenecks and publish it to ArcGIS Server.  You’ll also learn when it’s appropriate to use other techniques for fast map display, such as creating tile caches and displaying data with client-side graphics.   Finally, the presenter will discuss how to prepare a map for web editing and offer tips for designing mobile maps.


Managing Imagery and Raster Data Using Mosaic Datasets by Brig Bowles.  The mosaic dataset is a new data model for cataloging and processing imagery and raster data.  You can create simple to complex mosaic datasets.   They’re designed for fast display, image processing, easy updating and publishing.  This session will teach you how the manage your collections of raster and image data by introducing you to the mosaic dataset and the recommended workflows for building them.

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