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Workshop Descriptions

Conference Registration Required for all Workshops

Python in Geoprocessing (Matthew Collier) - $50

Python in Geoprocessing workshop is Full.  We are no longer accepting registrations for this workshop.

With numerous examples and encouraged hands-on participation, we will explore several facets of Python geoprocessing within the framework of ArcGIS 10 including:  

  • Using Python on the new ArcGIS 10 Commandline
  • Interpretation and understanding of geoprocessing Python scripts.
  • Creating and adding customized functionality to Python geoprocessing scripts.
While no previous Python experience will be assumed familiarity with ArcGIS 10, ModelBuilder, and geoprocessing concepts will be advantageous

Workshop will be held Monday, October 24,   8:00 am - 5:00 pm

GISP Credits Attend 1 day training : 8 hours - EDU - 0.2 credits

Using Census Data in a GIS (Craig Best, US Census Bureau) - $25

Enumeration for the 2010 Census is now complete and the Census Bureau is releasing Census geographic files and demographic data collected during the Census.  This workshop will teach the participant who to acquire these files and map the 2010 Census data in your GIS using Microsoft Access and ArcGIS.

Workshop will be held Monday, October 24,  8:00 am - 12:00 pm

GISP Credits Attend 1/2 day training : 4 hours - EDU - 0.1 credits

GeoPDF Applications (Michael Bufkin) - $25

Michael Bufkin, a Founder and Chief Solution Architect for TerraGo, will demonstrate several workflows for creating and using geospatial PDFs. These will include:

  • Use of ESRI ArcMap for GeoSpatial PDF production
  • Round-tripping data from ArcMap to the field and back
  • Delivering multi-spectral imagery with geospatial PDF
  • 3D GeoPDF production from ESRI ArcScene

Workshop will be held Monday, October 24,  1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

GISP Credits Attend 1/2 day training : 4 hours - EDU - 0.1 credits

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