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September 17, 2019


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Madeline Dillner

Oklahoma Corporation Commission

With a visually exciting presentation format, colorful maps, and wacky humor, Madeline will hold a mirror up to the audience and highlight the similarities and differences that make the GIS community so beautiful and diverse. The keynote address is created from surveys submitted by conference attendees, and will help people to feel more connected with and empowered by their GIS colleagues than ever before. From Story Maps to Developer apps, Madeline will create an experience for each and every audience member that will not soon be forgotten. Whether you’re here for the entertainment or here for the tech, you will not be disappointed.

Madeline Dillner does many things and wears many hats. She is the OCC Brownfield Program Coordinator, OKSCAUG Co-Conference Coordinator, SCAUG Oklahoma Representative, President and Webmaster of the Mid-Del Art Guild, and Owner/Sole Artist at Mad World Art Ltd Co. She loves big maps, bright paints, and connecting people to each other and world around them.


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