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Operational Intelligence Technology: Planning Drone Flights with Land Scout

Know before you go, plan your flight in advance

Alex Sherman and Madeline Cole - Land Scout

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Land Scout is a comprehensive mapping software developed in-house by Reagan Smith Energy Solutions to aid in project planning and surveying. Our certified FAA drone pilot, Alex Sherman, uses Land Scout to plan drone missions and analyze real-time data collection. The use of drones in various industries allows us to view potential issues the human eye cannot detect, perform maintenance and inspections, and supplement our fieldwork. By pre-planning our flight paths, we can avoid structures, right-of-way issues, restricted airspace, sensitive wildlife or environments, and archaeological sites and artifacts. Drones advanced use of data gathering abilities has furthered the efficiency and accuracy of our work. Come join our presentation to see our work in action!

Creating and Extending Web Map Applications for Weather Using ESRI Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

E. DeWayne Mitchell - DTN

The ESRI Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (AG WAB) is a powerful online tool used for building rich, intuitive and informative web-based mapping applications. AG WAB provides many off-the-shelf functions called widgets that provide important capabilities within a map application including but not limited to editing, drawing, printing, querying and measuring. The author may also choose from multiple basemaps, color schemes and fonts. These map applications can be created without any coding, and they can run on any device or browser. AG WAB is an integral part of ArcGIS Online, hence users can immediately begin building their own mapping applications. However, a developer edition is also available for those who wish to extend a map application capability and functionality by creating and adding custom widgets.

DTN has developed weather-focused widgets to extend the purpose and functionality of weather applications using AG WAB for the purpose of situational awareness in public safety. These weather applications have been created using both AG WAB in AGOL as well as the developer edition. These applications comprise DTN’s unique weather content as well as custom widgets beyond the accompanying ESRI off-the-shelf widgets. We will demonstrate the construction of web-based mapping applications using AG WAB comprising DTN’s weather content as hosted on ESRI ArcGIS Server. In addition, we will illustrate DTN’s point forecast weather widget and how it seamlessly integrates into the mapping application.

It's All About the Data

Bradley Chatman - Cityworks

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Cityworks provides tools for local government organizations to make informed decisions, improve business practices and pursue true top to bottom web GIS centric asset management. But where do you start? At Cityworks, we maintain that it all boils down to the data. Come look at some case studies with us to see how an organization can reach that next level by setting data driven goals and establishing a plan to achieve them.

A Simplified Approach to Implementing GIS

Nick Tonias, P.E. - The CEDRA Corporation

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Over the last 20 years, the implementation of GIS in municipalities has exploded. Many of these municipalities have implemented very extensive, yet expensive, Enterprise GIS environments. These same municipalities have hired staff to maintain data, develop applications and integrate multiple departments with the GIS. The results have been impressive with a sound return on investment. However, these municipalities tend to be large in size. The question then arises, as to what about the small municipalities who want to implement GIS but lack the resources to pursue the path that their larger counterparts have.

This presentation discusses how a small municipality can enjoy the benefits of a GIS without a significant investment. Using ArcGIS (Basic) and ArcGIS Online, this presentation illustrates how a municipality can develop a comprehensive GIS for their parcels, street centerlines, utilities, easements and other data layers. Topics to be discussed in the presentation include the following:

  • Assessment of Current Esri Software and Hardware
  • Assessment of Existing Records
  • GIS Database Design (Custom versus LGIM)
  • GIS Database Development
  • Application Development
  • GIS and Application Deployment

Succeeding with Parcel Fabric

Joel Foster - Canadian County Assessor’s Office

Lisa Schaefer, GISP - Pro-West & Associates

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Join Canadian County to learn about its ongoing project to implement Esri’s Parcel Fabric with the goal of efficiently and independently managing vital tax parcel data. The presentation will cover:

  • Why the County decided to implement the parcel fabric
  • How they are going about implementing the fabric
  • Lessons learned so far
  • What success will look like
  • Tips for a successful project

Canadian County will be supported by parcel fabric implementation partner Pro-West & Associates.

Resolution Revolution

Jonathan Ballard - EagleView

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Join oblique imagery expert Jonathan Ballard as he breaks down the evolution of aerial imagery, from panchromatic film to what's now the highest resolution in the world. As we embark on the resolution revolution, find out how innovation opens the doors for more use cases across local and municipal government agencies.

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