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ArcGIS Pro, a new application in the ArcGIS family, makes the GIS functionality you most often use easy to access so you can get your work done faster without a learning curve. It is the essential application for creating and working with spatial data on your desktop that provides tools to visualize, analyze, compile, and share data.  In this session we will highlight many of the great new features available in ArcGIS Pro, and see the brand new interface and application.

AppStudio for ArcGIS lets you build Mapping Apps that run natively across multiple platforms: OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Linux. In this session you will see how to build your own branded Apps using the different App Templates available.

Creating Beautiful Web Apps without Writing Code
Brig Bowles, Esri

Esri's new ArcGIS Web AppBuilder is a pure HTML5/JavaScript-based application that allows you to create your own intuitive, fast, and beautiful web apps without writing a single line of code. The app uses new ArcGIS platform features and modern browser technology to provide both flexible and powerful capabilities. Come to this session to learn how you can configure GIS apps that run seamlessly across all devices.

A Modern Solution for Water Utilities
David Wachal, Esri

This workshop will begin with an overview of Esri’s app strategy followed by an introduction to ArcGIS for Water Utilities. ArcGIS for Water utilities data models and apps will be discussed and the configuration of a few simple apps will be demonstrated. This workshop will end with a discussion of a modern deployment methodology for water utilities and a few industry success stories.

It’s 3D – As Easy as ABZ
Mike Beavers, Esri

Join us for an overview of the new and exciting 3D Apps and Tools that Esri is making available to an ever-expanding community of Users. During this session, we will show how multiscale 3D models allow you to visualize and analyze your GIS data at different scales from global, landscape down to city and interior spaces. We will cover how you can now share your 3D scenes via browsers and with native 3D apps on mobile devices. Come see how you can visualize your data in its true perspective - 3D!

Smartphone Nation - Taking It Mobile
Mike Beavers, Esri

The line between how we use mobile technology at work and at home has dissolved. The vast majority of what people do is location-based, maps are the root of our mobile lives. In this session, we will look at how to extend the reach of your enterprise GIS to a growing audience. Take a tour of the variety of location-based apps that are available to help you improve field operations and enable your users to make more informed business decisions. You’ll see some of the Mobile Enterprise Solutions Esri is building that fit right in your pocket.

Apply Geography Everywhere
Gary Scoffield, Esri

Location-based data, maps, and apps play prominent roles in everyone's lives today. Due to this trend, it is an amazing time to be a GIS professional because people across your organization want to use mapping and spatial analysis in their work. During this session, we will explore a new approach to deliver and sustain maps and apps that empower everyone in your organization to apply geography.

Demystify ArcGIS Online
Karen Lizcano, Esri

During this session we will show you what ArcGIS Online is and how it interacts with your existing GIS workflows. Learn how to host content and services in the cloud easily and securely. Explore content access and restrictions with named users. This webinar is rich with live demonstrations, so you’ll walk away more confident in configuring app templates, managing organizational tools, and conducting easy online spatial analyses. Reimagine what your GIS can do for you.

Modernizing Land Records
Karen Lizcano, Esri

By Leveraging Esri’s Land Records solution you can manage an accurate inventory of real property, analyze the value of land along with its’ associated improvements, describe who owns the land, and convey land-use and zoning regulations. During this session we will look at modern solutions available for the Land Records industry. We will also discuss options for editing and publishing your parcel information to the web in solution applications and out of the box, configurable templates.

Python 101
Carl Eichenberger, Esri

GIS professionals with little to no scripting/programming experience will have an opportunity to see how Python and ArcGIS for Desktop can be used to automate/streamline GIS tasks. This session will include demonstrations providing an introduction to using Python, Arcpy, and Geoprocessing script tools. Additionally,  attendees will be provided resources for using Python and ArcGIS helping to get them in the right direction with their scripts.

ArcMap Tips and Tricks
Dave Reeves, Esri

Learn how to get more out of ArcMap 10.3. This session will cover performance enhancements that are available to improve map rendering as well as certain geoprocessing settings that can speed up the processing time for your tools. Users will also see how they can more easily manipulate tables and find out about new 10.3 features like protecting their geodatabases with license files. Customizable application settings and output will be shown to allow you to have more control over ArcMap.


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