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CLASS FULL - Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for GIS Professionals (ESRI) - $750

Monday, March 27th & Tuesday, March 28th | 8:00am to 5:00pm

This course helps experienced GIS professionals get up to speed quickly with ArcGIS Pro terminology and the new, intuitive tools to efficiently complete mapping, editing, geoprocessing, and analysis projects. You will explore the new interface, experience for yourself the tight integration between 2D and 3D capabilities, and learn how to share your authoritative GIS content more quickly and easily than ever before.

  • Create ArcGIS Pro projects and assign tasks
  • Edit 2D data and 3D scenes
  • Perform geoprocessing and analysis taskss   
  • Create and share multiple layouts from a single map

Who is this course for: Data Editors, GIS Analysts, GIS Technical Leads, and Map Designers. 

ArcGIS 4: Sharing Content on the Web (ESRI) - $750

Monday, March 27th & Tuesday, March 28th | 8:00am to 5:00pm

Make Maps and Apps Available Across Your Organization. Learn to share geographic content, making it accessible to everyone who needs it, when and how they want to access it. This course teaches how to publish your organization's authoritative GIS data, maps, and tools as services that can be discovered on your organization's public or private ArcGIS portal, easily accessed from desktop and online applications, and featured in web and mobile apps. ArcMap is used to complete course exercises.

  • Determine which sharing option is appropriate for your needs
  • Author and publish map, feature, geoprocessing, and image services
  • Share GIS resources as stand-alone services and in web maps and apps

Who is this course for: GIS Professionals, Map Designers, Administrators, Application Developers, and GIS Managers

Programming ArcGIS with Python (Non-ESRI) - $500

Monday, March 27th & Tuesday, March 28th | 8:00am to 5:00pm

In Programming ArcGIS with Python you will learn introductory level programming ArcGIS with Python skills.  This class is based on the book Programming ArcGIS with Python Cookbook (2nd Edition), written by Eric Pimpler.  The course materials are applicable to ArcGIS Desktop 10.4, 10.3, 10.2, and 10.1.  This is a hands-on style workshop with lots of exercises designed to teach you how to automate your ArcGIS geoprocessing tasks with Python.  The workshop is designed around the content of the book.  In addition to all the workshop materials, each student will also receive a copy of the book and lifetime access to all the course content over the web.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Arcpy, ArcPy Mapping, and ArcPy Data Access
  • Module 2: Managing Map Documents and Layers
  • Module 3: Finding and Fixing Broken Data Links
  • Module 4: Automating Map Production and Printing
  • Module 5: Executing Geoprocessing Tools from Scripts
  • Module 6: Creating Custom Geoprocessing Tools
  • Module 7: Querying and Selecting Data 

ModelBuilder Basics (Non-ESRI)- $250

Monday, March 27th | 8:00am to 5:00pm

Geoprocessing is an essential aspect of GIS that provides the ability to analyze and process geographic data. Geoprocessing tools can be accessed in ArcGIS via ArcToolbox, ModelBuilder, or Python scripts. ArcGIS ModelBuilder allows users with little to no programming skills to develop automated data processing routines within ArcGIS using a graphical interface. ArcGIS' ModelBuilder provides a graphical modeling framework for designing and implementing geoprocessing models that can include system tools, scripts, other models, and data that are linked together to form an analysis or processing workflow. Because ModelBuilder uses a graphical interface that is integrated with ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox, users can create Models without the need of learning a programming language. However, a model can be extended using Python scripts.

This one-day course introduces students too basic ModelBuilder concepts. Students will learn how ModelBuilder can be used to create automated routines and workflows. They will learn terminology associated with ModelBuilder and become familiar the components needed to create simple models which can be used to automate and standardize processes.

Editing GIS Data with ArcGIS 10.x (Non-ESRI)- $250

Tuesday, March 28th | 8:00am to 5:00pm

At ArcGIS 10, the ArcMap editing environment was completely changed to streamline the editing workflow and reduce data input errors. Changes included the introduction of feature templates which define properties for creating new features, integration of annotation editing into standard editing workflows and a more interactive snapping environment. The result is reduced button clicks, simpler workflows, and quicker completion times for all your data compilation tasks. 

This one day course takes you through the basic editing workflow used in ArcGIS 10.x. Students review the Editor toolbar and Create Features window. Feature templates are introduced and explained to provide a thorough understanding of how they work in the ArcGIS editing methodology. The snapping environment is also explained. The skills and knowledge you gain in this course applies regardless of the desktop licensing level you use (Basic, Standard or Advanced).

High Accuracy Mobile Data Collection using Esri’s Collector and Trimble TerraFlex Apps (Non-ESRI)- FREE

Friday, March 31st | 8:00am to 12:00pm

This ½ day training class will give attendees an overview of Mobile Device (BYOD) positional accuracy based on “Location Services” and how external GNSS receivers can provide higher positional accuracy, along with GNSS metadata that can be created to display the quality of the field data.  We will discuss and demonstrate how to use two common field softwares, Esri’s Collector and Trimble’s TerraFlex Apps, and go through setting them up for high accuracy data collection using a few different real-time correction sources (SBAS, VRS, RTX, LSU Gulfnet).  There will be a field session for the class attendees to get hands on experience with these BYOD and high accuracy receivers and to learn about the best data collection practices to ensure quality field data.

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