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GIS Specialist I

The Road Inventory Branch of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation has an opening for a GIS Specialist I. 

This position is very database and data-entry heavy with the use of Esri desktop and web-based GIS software to assist.  It will not entail a great deal of map creation, analytics, or other typical visual GIS work.  If you like the data side of GIS and working directly with Oracle databases, writing SQL, etc., this is a great opportunity with room to grow

To apply, please follow the link below:


Full job description:

This position in the Inventory Management Branch will primarily be responsible to create, maintain, and validate the statewide GIS databases and linear networks. Creation responsibilities include route identifications and digitizing all new roadways. 

Maintenance responsibilities include starting and ending points, length, ownership, city limits, population, urban limits, number of lanes, surface type, surface width, surface thickness, shoulder type, etc. Validation responsibilities include using GIS software to perform complex queries utilizing spatial and attribute data and displaying data results through the use of maps, reports or charts. 

This position will collaborate with federal, state, county, and city officials to communicate data results. Collaboration duties include scheduling meetings with County Commissioners, validating current county systems, creating easy to follow county maps, and providing assistance with inquiries regarding current and historical roadway information.



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